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Jan 5 '13
Quoting the Inquirer editorial:
With the poor handling of sensitive human rights issues, the administration goes into the new year with squandered opportunities in checking state terror and protecting civil rights. “I fear that the message relayed by [Año’s] promotion is a justification and a signal for human rights violators to continue their abuses,” Edita Burgos said. It does not help that government and military spokespersons have generally labelled criticism of Año’s appointment as leftist rant. “With Malacañang’s tough branding of human rights violations as leftist propaganda, are the authorities now saying that I will never see my son again?” the mother said.

Edita Burgos was compelled to file the case after four fruitless years of appealing to the military. The evidence against the Army appears incontrovertible. The license plate of the vehicle used in Jonas’ abduction had been traced to the 56th IB. “We have done everything,” she had said in filing the case. “This is the last bastion. If nothing happens to this, [then] the whole justice system is not working at all. If they will continue to cover up [the crime], then there is no hope for the Philippines.”

After Año’s promotion and appointment, the despair of Edita Burgos—and other victims of human rights violations—becomes even more plain and poignant.

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